B.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technology and Nuclear Medicine Colleges

Duration : 4 years

Eligibility : 10+2 ( Physics Chemistry & Biology )

Type : Degree

B.Sc Nuclear medicine technology is a 6 semester/3 year undergraduate program with each semester covering a period of 6 months. Nuclear medicine technology is a clinical specialization that uses radioactive technology and radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments. Nuclear Medicine Technicians support physicians or other professional nuclear medicine personnel in the diagnosis, care, and treatment of patients and for research and investigation into the uses of radioactive drugs. They can also act as emergency responders in the case of a nuclear disaster. Nuclear medicine colleges generally include human anatomy, physiology, physics, radioactive drugs chemistry and computer science in their curriculum. Experience-based clinical training under the supervision of certified Nuclear medicine technologist, a surgeon or a physician with a specialization in nuclear medicine offered in these colleges.

After Bsc nuclear medicine technology graduation, a nuclear medicine technologist can choose to earn a certification in positron emission tomography (PET-uses a machine that creates a three-dimensional image of a body part)or nuclear cardiology (uses radioactive substances to get images of the heart). Along with a detailed clinical and theoretical knowledge on nuclear medicine, analytic and interpersonal skills combined with an attention to details are preferred qualities for professionals in this field. The key responsibilities of Nuclear Medicine technologists include

  • Preparing and administering radioactive drugs to patients.
  • Educating and clearing the queries of patients regarding nuclear medicines.
  • Adapting safety measures to protect the patients from excess exposure to radiations
  • Monitoring the patient to avoid and treat unusual drug reactions.
  • Operation of Nuclear imaging equipment.
  • Following proper disposal measures and safety procedures.

B.Sc Nuclear technology professionals earn an average salary of INR 200000 to 900000 per annum. The eligibility criteria and admission requirements for nuclear medicine colleges are mentioned below:

  • Aspiring candidates should have successfully completed 10+2 or equivalent, under a recognized board with a minimum score not less than 45%. The minimum score is 45% for candidates belonging to SC/ST and other backward castes.
  • The candidate must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects in 10+2 with, individual and aggregate scores not less than 45%.
  • The selection for admission is based on the assessment of the candidate’s overall performance at the 10+2 level, the common entrance test, and personal interview.
  • The average course fee ranges between INR 3,0000 to 2,00,000, per annum depending upon the institute offering the course.

Nuclear Medicine Bachelor Degree – Bangalore

Top colleges in Bangalore offering a degree in B.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technology focus on structured clinical learning sufficient to provide clinical competency in radiation safety, radiopharmacy and clinical procedures. In addition to academic facilities, these colleges have excellent infrastructure, high-quality equipment and experienced and dedicated faculty members. After successful completion of a nuclear medicine course, graduates can take a certification to become a recognized nuclear medicine technologist(not necessary for acquiring license).In addition to receiving general certification, technologists can earn certifications that show proficiency in specific fields of working within the scope of nuclear medicine technology. Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) offer certifications in Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) or Nuclear Cardiology (NCT).

Nuclear Medicine Technologist – An Overview

Nuclear Medicine Technologists can work in clinical settings like Community hospitals and medical centers in both government and the private sector. They can also assist researchers in the development of new nuclear medicine applications in imagery or therapy. Nuclear medicine technologists need an associate’s degree from an accredited university/college. Most nuclear medicine technologists acquire certifications for improving their career prospects. The average annual salary of a Nuclear medicine Technologist is INR 7,00,000. Other career options for nuclear medicine technology graduates are Research Assistant, Associate and Lab Leader and Professor.

B.Sc Nuclear Medicine Colleges

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