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Duration   : 3 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )

Forensic science is a fascinating field for those who enjoys science and who like to help solve crimes. Forensic science is all about the application of scientific knowledge to investigate a crime. Forensic science is basically a criminal investigation & lab based profession. You would be using your knowledge of science to analyse the evidence found at a crime scene. Forensic scientists usually collect, preserve, and analyse scientific evidence found at a crime scene .Analysis includes examining certain object at the crime scene such as blood stains, saliva, bodily fluids, bones, fingerprints, dna profiling, recovering data from computers, researching new techniques/technology etc. these analysis report are further used to help solve cases and catch criminals. Forensic Science includes several academic disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, psychology, social science, engineering, etc. There are ample career opportunities both in government and private sectors.


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